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Iran Revolution

Support the Feminist Revolutio in Iran



Nowruz Saal Tahvil

Spring Equinox 2022 | Nowruz
We wish you all a very happy new year; Nowruz pirouz!
Victoria Time (PST): Sunday March 20, 2022, 08:33:26
Iran Time (IRST): Sunday, March 20, 2022, 19:03:26

Nowruz Party

Nowruz Party
18:00 - 24:00
Langford Legion
761 Station
Nowruz Ceremony, Light Refreshment, Live Performance
Food orders from the bar until 19:00
Full Tickets (18:00 - 24:00): Adult: $30 | Students: $20 | Kids under 12 y: $10
DJ & Dance Only (21:00 - 24:00): Everyone: $20

Brought to you by: Victoria Iranian-Persian Cultural Society

Sizdah Be' Dar

Sizdah Be' Dar Picnic
Goldstream Provintial Park
Bring pot luck, picnic, BBQ...
Stove top food heating up
Park Forecast

Need a ride / can give a ride:

If you need a ride, take bus #50 from downtown, at Victoria General Hospital exit, Helmcken Road & Trans Canada Highway, get off the bus, stay at the bus stop on the over-pass ramp facing West.
You can also take take bus #14 from UVic or downtown, but have to cross the over-pass ramp to the North side. Map: City Hall to Helmcken Rd

If you can give a ride, take Trans Canada Highway, at Victoria General Hospital exit (Helmcken Road & Trans Canada Highway), take the hospital exit and meet students waiting at the bus stop on the over-pass ramp, load and continue West on the HWY. Map: Helmcken Rd to Goldstream Park

Brought to you by: Victoria Iranian-Persian Cultural Society

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The war on Iran is coming

In the 1979 Iranian revolution, the West, not wanting a nationalist revolution with Socialist tendencies deliver the ex-colony to the Socialist camp, helped the the Ayatollahs to hijack the revolution.

The Ayatollahs decimated the nationalist and the Socialist opposition and consolidated their hold on power during the war with Iraq. They owe their regime to the war, for if there were no war, the Ayatollahs would not be in power today.

The regime of the Ayatollahs have failed, and they have failed miserably. They have failed economically, politically, socially, and culturally. They have even failed environmentally. They have destroyed the country: record unemployment, highest inflation rates in the world, highest per-capita addiction rate, 25% depression and mental illness, tsunami of cancer, high suicide and incarceration rate, high execution rate, highest rate of child executions in the world, abject poverty such that people walking on one of the largest oil and gas reservoirs in the world have resorted to selling their kidneys. It is the only country in the world where selling kidneys is legal. Having impoverished the nation, the Ayatollahs are now exporting prostitutes. They also, unilaterally, lifted the visa requirement for China, Iraq, and Oman, and have turned the country into a sex-tourism destination. Yes, the High Priests are now profiting off the avails of prostitution, praying on the most vulnerable.

In such dire circumstances, the only thing that could save the regime of the Ayatollahs is another war. The Ayatollahs want war. And the looming war with Iran is going to be ugly. It is going to be a regional war with Iran and its proxies in the Middle East. Should the regime proxies in Syria and Lebanon attack Israel with missiles, or should a missile hit an American military base in the Arab Persian Golf countries killing American soldiers en mass, that would be grounds for nuclear bombing of Iran. Justification? Same as in Hiroshima bombing, "saving lives".

I am a draft dodger, a socialist, and a pacifist. With the looming war on Iran, should Canada decides to "stand shoulder to shoulder with its allies and fulfill its NATO obligations", as Prime Minster Stephen Harper has said, my tax Dollars could go towards bombing my mom and sisters!

When the war starts, the logistics of the war is so huge and the machinery of war has so much momentum that there is no stopping it. The biggest demonstrations in the history, the opposition to the war on Iraq, could not stop it. Tomorrow is too late. We must prevent the war today. Join us at the Alternative Remembrance Day ceremonies and wear your White Puppy for peace.


Neda & Pedram Sponsorship

Neda Ghasir & Pedram Nazari, a street peddler couple known for their funny Instagram clips were arrested and jailed. Before their next court appearing, they fled Iran. They did not want to rot in the Islamic rejime's notorious prisons. They are now refugees in a neighbouring country and need help coming to Canada. We need a group of at least five philanthropists to volunteer their time and do some fundrasing to sponsor them to come to Canada.


ندا قصیر & پدرام نظری، زوج دستفروش اینستاگرامی، به خاطر کلیپ‌های طنز انتقادی از رژیم بازداشت و زندان شدند. چون نمیخواستند در زندانهای رژیم بپوسند، قبل از دادگاه از ایران فرار کرده و در یکی‌ از کشورهای همسایه پناهنده هستند. آنها میخواهند به کانادا بیایند و احتیاج به کمک دارند. به یک گروه خیرین، حداقل پنج نفر، احتیاج داریم تا وقت گذاشته، اعانه جمع کرده، و ندا و پدرام را اسپانسر کنند.

Contact Persian Club www.PersianClub.Ca

Student Housing

Iranian visa students are coming to town and need a place to rent.
Do you have a place you can give or rent to them?
Victoria Rental Listings for Students / برای اجاره دانشجویی

Contact Persian Club Facebook.PersianClub.Ca

Summer Fun

For Summer fun & entertainment guide, check our Facebook page

Student Bank Referral

Are you a student & new to town? Persian Club can help you in setting up a bank account & getting a Credit Card. We will get you a free chequing account from which you can pay all your bills for free. We also get you the best student-friendly Credit Card. You will also get $50 signing-up bonus, to boot. You will be helping Persian Club as well as the club gets a bonus for referring you to the bank, too.

Contact Persian Club www.PersianClub.Ca

Currency Exchange Rates

Visa students, wondering whether you should buy & bring U.S. Dollar, or Canadian Dollar?
Normally, you are better off exchanging your money only once, for you lose money with each exchange.
But, since the Gov.ir is artificially keeping the $USD low, the above rule does not apply.
To help you make an educated guess, here are the currency exchange rates:


Music Lessons

Douglas Hensley
Classical & Folk Music
Classical Strings, Guitar, Lute & Harp
Teaches in English, Persian & French
Victoria Conservatory of Music Teacher

Music Teacher

Nima Golmohammadi نیما گل محمدی
Guitar & Piano
Teaches in English & Persian
کلاسهای تابستانی موسیقی در شهر ویکتوریا | به صورت خصوصی و گروهی | آموزش گیتار کلاسیک | آموزش گیتار پاپ ( همراهی گیتار و آواز) | آموزش ukulele (گیتاری کوچک با چهار سیم) | آموزش پیانوی مقدماتی | آموزش تئوری موسیقی | آموزش سلفژ | جلسه ی مشاوره رایگان | نیما گل محمدی بیش از دوازده سال مدرس گیتار در آموزشگاه های موسیقی تهران بوده، لیسانس نوازندگی گیتار از دانشگاه هنر تهران دارد و در حال حاضر دانشجوی فوق لیسانس نوازندگی گیتار در دانشگاه ویکتوریا میباشد.

Home Internet Plans

  • How much data do I need? Calculator

  • How much speed do I need?
  • 1 Mbps connection: 1MB file will take eight seconds to download
  • Netflix: 3 Mbps for one standard-quality stream
  • Netflix: 5 Mbps for a high-definition stream
  • Min 1 Mbps upload speed for quality video conferencing

  • Cellphone & Home Internet prices coming down; do not sign up long-term contracts

  • Find Internet Deals
  • www.FindInternet.Ca

  • Juce
  • 5/1 Mbps $34
  • 15/1.5 Mbps $45
  • Unlimited Data
  • Installation: $0
  • Activation: $0
  • Need Modem
  • No Contract
  • Prepaid
  • 250.508.2219
  • www.juce.ca
  • Modems & Routers for sale, contact

  • TekSavvy
  • DSL 6/1 Mbps 400GB $30
  • DSL 6/1 Mbps Unlimited GB $35
  • Monthly Dry Loop included

  • Cable 5/0.5 Mbps 400GB $24
  • Cable 5/0.5 Mbps Unlimited GB $29
  • Cable 30/5 Mbps Unlimited GB $40
  • Cable 60/6 Mbps Unlimited GB $50
  • Prepaid. Activation Fee $49.95 (ask them to wave it). Compatible modem is required, which can be purchased or rented from TekSavvy for an additional cost, with $10 fee for shipping (buy used locally or ask them to wave it). Overages on capped plans are $0.25/GB to a maximum of $25 on plans up to 50 Mbps. Taxes extra.
  • No Contract
  • Prepaid
  • Modems & Routers for sale, contact
  • 1.877.779.1575
  • www.TekSavvy.com

  • Shaw
  • One year Student Plan, no commitment, 100 Mbps $60

  • Shaw sales 50 Mbps for $35/$40/$45 and more, shop around
  • Hamid Nazem, Shaw Salesman YellowPages.PersianClub.Ca
  • www.Shaw.ca

  • Telus
  • www.Telus.com/en/deals-and-bundles?linktype=ge-meganav

Persian or Farsi?

Exonym / Endonym
India, China, Egypt, and Germany are the English-language exonyms corresponding to the endonyms Bharat, 中国 (Zhōngguó), مَصر (Mesr), and Deutschland, respectively.
Chinese, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, and German are exonyms in English for the languages that are endonymously known as "中文" ("Zhōngwén"), "فارسی" ("Fārsi"), "Türkçe", "العَرَبِيَّة" ("al-Arabiyah"), and "Deutsch", respectively. Reference
French / Français
German / Deutsche
Japanese / Nihon-go
Turkish / Türkçe
Spanish / Español
Arabic / العَرَبِيَّة
Persian / فارسی
ما فارسی صحبت می‌کنیم,
but we speak Persian.
We do not speak Farsi!

Persian Library

Persian Library is looking for a home
Self checkout; help yourself; check yourself out a book in the list provided
We need book donations, if you would like to put your books into good use
We also need magazine subscriptions; consider a donation

Sending Money to/from Iran

Please get in touch with www.PersianClub.Ca if you wish to send money to/from Iran
We can put you in touch with community members who can help you
You both save transaction fees, no commissions fees
You both get the best exchange rate; average of buy & sell rates
Secure; you sit together, transfer funds online in Iran bank accounts & get paid
Need Iran bank account's "Shabaa" number for online fund transfer

Women's Group

Join Victoria Iranian Women's Facebook Group & help build community

UVic Persian Music Club

Persian Classical Music
Practice & Rehersals
Most Tuesdays 18:30
UVic, Cornett B112
Facebook Group

Make Every Vote Count

To make every vote count, support our campaign for Electoral Reform & Proportional Representation to bring Democracy to Canada.


38 years in prison & 148 lashes
The Islamic regime has just imposed a very heavy sentence on Nasrin Sotoudeh, prominent Iranian Human-Rights & Women's-Rights lawyer, the harshest sentence Amnesty International has documented against a Human-Rights defender in Iran in recent years, suggesting that the authorities - emboldened by pervasive impunity for human rights violations - are stepping up their repression. - Amnesty International
Being denied a lawyer of her choice, neither Nasrin nor her lawyer were present in court to defend her for this sentencing, she was tried in absentia, and this sentence was delivered to Nasrin in her prison cell. - Reza Khandan, Facebook

"Nasrin Sotoudeh has dedicated her life to defending women's rights and speaking out against the death penalty - it is utterly outrageous that Iran's authorities are punishing her for her human rights work" - Amnesty International

The Islamic regime knows they don't have to imprison every Iranian, they just need to get their leaders.
Let us start a
Twitter #FreeNasrin
Facebook #FreeNasrin
# storm campaign to free Nasrin.

Helping Visa Students

Helping Iranian Foreign Visa Students
Once an East Indian student and his family left the ignorance and discrimination of India for the greener pastures of Uganda. After a year of studying medicine at Shiraz Pahlavi University, the student offered his resignation to the university. When asked why, he explained how Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator, blaming foreigners for his mismanagement, had seized his parent's farm, the parent could not send him any more money, and he could no longer afford his education. Shiraz Pahlavi University then gave him free tuition and room & board so that he could continue his studies. He finished his medical school, became a GP, and is now serving the community right here in Canada. Quite a few of his patients are Iranians. He has learnt the Persian language, mastered the Persian music, and loves Googoosh. Shiraz Pahlavi University made the right decision then and the world is a much better place because of it.

Today the table has turned. Iran's economy is so bad and the currency is doing so poorly that the Afghan migrant workers are fleeing Iran to go back home to Afghanistan, for their currency, Afghani, is now more valuable than IRR.

With the Iranian Rial at a free fall and the US$ hovering around 15,000 T (150,000 IRR), Iranian foreign visa students have a hard time covering their education costs. Couple of them could not afford to come back to school after the Summer holidays.

We must help them out!

Here are a few practical suggestions on how the community can help the students:
- Give them an unused room you can not be bothered to rent out
- Rent them a room in exchange for occasional babysitting or help & companionship for the elderly
- Money transfer: When sending money to your parents in Iran, instead of using a currency exchange service, give CAD$ to students here in Canada & they deposit IRR to a bank account in Iran. Online bank money transfers are now done instantaneously; it can be done right in front of you. We can help the students out by giving them a favourable & reasonable exchange rate
- Give them a job
- We can write letters to UVic/RRU/Camosun Student Awards & Financial Aid Offices explaining their plight and requesting a favourable look on their student-aid application
- Maybe UVic Iranian Students Association & the انجمن can cooperate and hold a monthly disco night at the Vertigo for the community to come together, have fun, and raise funds for the students
- UVic, SUB Felicita's has a $500 prize to be won for the best party
- We can recommend them for free rent in exchange for house sitting
- Send us your suggestions or bring them to the next Persian Poetry Night

Niki, an Iranian BCIT visa student, has taken to GoFundMe to fund her education. Please help her

Persian Club Needs Help

Persian club needs web hosting. If you subscribe to Telus internet (have @Telus.Net email address), you can help. Telus gives free web hosting with internet subscription, and if you are not using yours, please let Persian Club use it. Chokh mamnoun!

Food For Thought

Khod Rahaagar, the bulletin of Hezb-e' Iran-e' Aabaad, argues that inoculating Iran against reproduction of dictatorship & winning the next revolution is predicated on forming organized political parties. For the best news analysis, watch newscast on YouTube or listen to their podcast

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